Attached Staff

District Nurses

The district nurses will visit patients to assess their nursing needs and to develop a plan for the implementation of the care that is required. They also share care with the practice nurses and doctors at the surgery.

Telephone: 0300 4218 427

Health Visitor

The health visitor is a trained nursing professional with specialism in the care of children in the general population. Advice can be given on all aspects of lifestyle, including infant care, bereavement counselling, child behaviour and parenting skills.

Telephone: 0300 4218 746


The midwife provides care for pregnant women and postnatal care for both mother and newborn babies. Support is available to mother and father and the midwife monitors the pregnancy closely throughout and liases with the doctors at the practice.

Care is passed from the midwife to health visitor 10 days after birth. The doctor will undertake a postnatal check for you 6 weeks after the birth and an 8 week check for baby.


Local dentists are listed in the Yellow Pages. If you have difficulty registering with a dentist please call Gloucestershire Dental Helpline on 0300 4218 746, where they are able to assist with your enquiry.